We'd love to serve your beers at our establishment. How can I open a wholesale account with you?

We are a small production brewery that currently self-distributes solely within NY state. We are currently at capacity for our wholesale accounts, but we highly encourage that you email us at cheers@suarezfamilybrewery.com. We keep a list of folks to reach out to if / when we have more capacity. 


We are looking for a donation. How can we make that happen?

We get a very high volume of donation requests, and we do our best to accommodate as many as we can. Understand that we are a really small team, with limited capacity, so here are some general guidelines:

  • We have limited production, and therefore can only grant product donation requests in the Winter months.

  • We require two week's notice for any donation requests.

  • We favor donations for local causes.

If you have a donation request kindly email cheers@suarezfamilybrewery.com and we will determine if we fulfill your request. Thanks in advance for reaching out.


Will you fill growlers from other breweries?

We sure do. We only ask that they be 1) CLEAN, 2) DARK GLASS, and 3) HAVE A TOP

Are kids allowed in the tasting room?

We are a family-friendly establishment, and we encourage well behaved kids of all ages to join you in the tasting room, although only those over the age of 21can purchase / taste the beer.

Do you allow dogs in your tasting room? 

We love dogs, but we sadly do not allow them in the tasting room. We're terribly sorry for any inconvenience. (But see below)

Whats the deal with the can shack?

Starting summer 2019 we’re opening the can shack out back. It’s a distinct bar (serving cans only), but you can enjoy our beer outside and bring your well behaved and leashed dog. Cash only at the shack.

My (fill in the blank person of interest) LOVES Suarez Family Brewery? Do you have gift cards that I can purchase to give to them?

Yes, we’ve upped our game and have these gift cards that you can even buy from afar.

Do you guys have a membership program?

You are not the first to ask. We do not currently have a membership program, but we’ll spread the word if we get our act together and add one.

Do you serve food in your tasting room? 

We serve freshly baked hand-made pretzels, but feel free to bring other items to enjoy in the tasting room. Check out Tivoli GeneralOtto's Market, or Made in Ghent to get some snacks. 

But didn't I hear something about tacos? 

Yeah, Dan has always dreamed of having tacos available alongside the beers. He even said so in this Good Beer Hunting article. It will happen one day. Stay tuned. 

I'm still hungry. Is there any place I can eat a more substantial meal near you. 

There are some great spots in the local area. Our favorites are:

Do you serve flights? 

We serve all of our in-house beers in 1/4 liter pours. This allows you to try a few of them, but enjoy them one at a time, preferably in good company. 

I am organizing a bus tour. Can we stop at your brewery? 

We have a relatively small space so it's hard to accommodate large groups, but if you are really eager to check it out we recommend that you come around 1 PM before the tasting room gets packed. Kindly pop us an email at cheers@suarezfamilybrewery.com so that we can have a heads up and better accommodate your group.

Can I buy a keg from you for a private home / party?

We sadly do not have the capacity to supply kegs to our retail customers at this time. We'll be sure to update this if / when we do.

Can I book your tasting room for a private event? 

We're so glad that you like the space. Here are some initial caveats to consider:

  • We have capacity for private events up to 50 people.

  • While you are welcome to bring food and beverages for your party, the only alcoholic beverages that we allow and Suarez Family Brewery beer.

  • We do not book private events during our regular tasting room hours.

If you are still interested in booking the space pop us an email at cheers@suarezfamilybrewery.com and we can discuss further details.

I'm coming from afar. Is there any place to stay around there? 

We're happy to give you an excuse to get away. Here are some spots to help you make a trip out of it:



It's a hike for me to come to your tasting room. Where else can I find your beer?

We currently self-distribute within New York state, and you can find our beer at a variety of places in the local area, the capital region, and down in Brooklyn. Some of our regular accounts include:

I'd love to work at Suarez Family Brewery. Are you hiring?

You never know when we might need someone new. We'll post any employment opportunities via Instagram, but feel free to send an email to cheers@suarezfamilybrewery.com and we'll alert you when we have openings. 


I'm digging your aesthetic. Who does your design?

Thanks! While we can take credit for the beer, the look and feel of Suarez Family Brewery has been a collaboration with many talented folks. 

  • LOGO / WEBSITE / GROWLER DESIGN / FRUIT BEER LABELS all done by the hilarious duo Max Kaplun and Audrey Robinson.

  • COUNTRY BEER LABELS most of our country beer labels are the handy work of Natalie Renganeschi. Each one is an original piece of art. You can also find a rendition of her 100 FT North label on our first edition t-shirt.

  • ILLUSTRATIONS our second edition t-shirts (plus more to come) were dreamed up and brought to life by our friend and neighbor Emily Isabella.

  • ANNIVERSARY POSTERS + T-SHIRT DESIGN / PRINTING no one is as prolific as Wolfy Part II. Magic.

  • DOMAIN LABELS + CHICKIE PAINTING we're lucky to be in such good company. Our neighbor Chad painted both of these masterpieces.

  • PHOTOGRAPHS we're lucky to know people equally enthusiastic about beer and photography. Thanks to Fuj, Julie, and Mark.

  • TASTING ROOM + GARDEN last but not least, Dan's dad Santi continually works some serious magic.